Pôle Industries & Agro-Ressources (IAR)

Industries & Agro-Ressources (IAR) is the French bioeconomy cluster. It brings together over 350 stakeholders from farmer cooperatives, research organisations and universities to venture capital firms, start-ups, SMEs and large industries, including end-users, around a common goal: the optimal use of renewable resources.

IAR focuses on all dimensions of the bioeconomy: from feedstock production to its valorisation into food, feed, industrial (bio-based chemicals and biobased materials) and energy (biofuels and biogas) applications.

IAR supports the development of the bioeconomy in France and, more specifically, in the regions of Hauts-de-France and Grand Est.


Catalisti, the Flemish cluster for Chemistry and Plastics, will primarily serve companies in Flanders by building partnerships between individual companies as well as with research institutions, sector associations and governments. By being a central and neutral partner, companies can concentrate on their core business and use the cluster to easily stay connected with all appropriate authorities.

We want to anchor the chemical and plastics sector in Flanders, making the cluster even more innovative, strengthen competitiveness and enhance their global reach.

Within the VALBRAN project, Catalisti serves as the link with the broader Flemish Chemical & Plastics industry. Catalisti will pass on relevant input from industry to the VALBRAN researchers, will ensure optimal dissemination of the project results and support Flemish companies with the valorisation of the project results.



GreenWin, innovation accelerator in the environmental sector, is one of the 6 Walloon Innovation clusters which aims to tackle major technological challenges such as chemistry, sustainable materials in building sector, and the environmental technologies.

GreenWin focus its action on product life cycle improvement through the materials and energy saving, recycling and the use of sustainable resources.

GreenWin supports innovation and promotes the development of collaborative R&D projects.


Project partners